SATICO has been doing business since 1951.

Since that time, Our Company has acquired a big Showrooms with Offices then started to Import Goods and became Sole agent for many European Countries in Jordan and some in the Middle East, Countries.

SATICO as a Company has five stores complex of 2500 Sq. Meters in which all imported Goods are demonstrated there.

As SATICO are wholesalers, goods are devotedly canvassed by Five Groups of Mobile Salesmen selling Goods all over the Country (Zarka, Irbid, Karak, Aqaba , etc..) with full staff of 25 Employees in the same location.

Since 1951 our experience of power tools business, hand tools, garage equipments, pumps & all kinds of industrial tools and hardware which meets our customers needs makes our company one the largest companies in Jordan.
SATICO (Samer Aklouk Trade and Investment Co) was established in 1951. Over the years, Satico has supported the market in different fields providing the top brands and products of Power tools, Hand tools, Industrial equipments, Handling material, Door closures, Air compressors, Water pumps, welding machines, Tier repairing material and equipments.
Today, SATICO: Employs over 25 people in its various sells branches to provide the best selling services to our clients
We operate direct selling to the end users as well as the use of our distributors or sub-dealers to ensure the highest level of customer services.